Introducing the founding directors

Amanda Forman (MSc)

Amanda Forman (MSc) is the Executive Director of Planet A Solutions and an environmental scientist and energy specialist. Amanda holds qualifications in Marine Science and an Masters of Science in Architecture; Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies with the University of East London and the Centre for Alternative Technology. Amanda has since worked as a renewable energy engineer and project manager. She then ran her own business developing small-scale hydropower projects in Wales. She formed, owned and ran Snowdonia Hydro for seven years, delivering technical consultancy, project management and delivery on over 40 hydro power systems.

Amanda then worked for PRP Architects LLP leading the delivery of the Cornwall New Energy project developing low carbon strategy for businesses, using both architectural and renewable energy solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

David Parish (PhD)

Dr David Parish (PhD) is the Technical Director of Planet A Solutions and a highly competent multi-disciplinary engineer. Dave has a BSc and PhD in renewable energy from Exeter University and a proven track record of innovation and problem solving.

His earlier career was that of a manufacturing engineer and production manager and he retains an intuitive understanding of the priorities and needs of industry.

More recently, Dave spent three years as the technical and research lead on Centrica’s £17M ‘Cornwall Local Energy Market’ project working with partners, Western Power Distribution and National Grid ESO. Whilst conducting this research project, he developed an enhanced understanding of the complex and seemingly opposing needs of achieving a far greater penetration of renewables whilst safeguarding an affordable and reliable electricity network for all users.

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