Energy solutions for sustainable futures

Planet A provides a business case for technical challenges. We offer targeted expertise to bring the right combination of energy solutions with maximum impact. We understand commercial business, so all our models aim to increase or maintain the bottom line.

We aim to work with all organisations. Our services are open to everyone in the commercial and public sector and our goal is to bring the UK through this challenge to meet climate change targets by 2050.

Decarbonisation Pathways

This study maps out the routes available to meet net zero carbon emissions by 2050, or before. A thorough assessment of the baseline, identification of suitable technologies and actions to maintain and optimise your business, and time increments to achieve a reduction in carbon emissions by a specific date. Outputs will be shown with a simple payback or full discounted cashflow forecast to show CAPEX, OPEX, REPEX and ROI on your investment.

Energy Assessments

This is the baseline for a decarbonisation pathway, calculating current energy use, data reviews and energy carbon calculations. A thorough review of business spend on energy, recommendations on improvements and efficiency measures, calculations on reduction in carbon emissions from each action, and a mini cashflow forecast for each recommendation to prioritise where the most effective changes can be made.

Feasibility Studies

Planet A delivers feasibility studies for specific decarbonisation actions which might include renewable energy integration, matching sustainable power requirements, and building fabric improvements. Work might include a business case proposal using discounted cashflow analysis and carbon emissions reduction calculations. We routinely conduct feasibility studies for heating strategies and renewable energy integration, but we also undertake bespoke and niche ideas which complement new business strategies.

Technical Due Diligence

A review of a new design, a deep dive into an energy strategy, oran analysis to help inform business decisions at board level. Planet A offers technical due diligence reporting into the commercial and technical credibility of a solution concept, business plan, or a design profile to give you clarity and facts when making big decisions. We’re here to help you make informed choices about moving your business forward.

Education and Training

Courses and training can be designed to suit your needs. Previously we have delivered training on:

  • Renewable Energy Systems Integration
  • UK Electricity Networks
  • Decarbonisation Strategy for Businesses

Planning, Low-energy Homes, and Energy Reporting

In line with the new Climate Change Development Plan Document delivered by Cornwall Council, Planet A is a Passivehaus accredited organisation. We use the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) to calculate energy requirements for new and existing homes.