Solutions for sustainable futures

Planet A experts provide a business case for technical challenges. We offer targeted expertise to bring the right combination of energy solutions with maximum impact.

We understand commercial business, so all our models aim to increase your bottom line. The difference? We aim to do this sustainably, ethically and lowering green-house gas emissions.

We aim to work with small and large businesses, councils, NGOs and charities. Our services are open to everyone in the commercial sector and our goal is to bring the UK through this decade to meet climate change targets by 2030.

As a Social Enterprise, we are dedicated to our cause, and to you. We need businesses to continue operating while taking the steps needed to move away from fossil fuels and into efficient and clean energy use.

Resource Assessment

A study of energy demand and use. We will analyse how much electricity, heat and water is consumed through your business and suggest ways to reduce and improve processes. Resource assessment looks at how much energy can be produced on site using renewable and low carbon technologies, how much it will cost, and how quickly you can offset those costs.

Renewable Energy Technology

We offer an objective view on what technology is best suited to replace fossil fuels at your premises. Not only can we advise, but we offer detailed cashflow models, quotes from local and trusted suppliers and project management all the way through to commissioning. We’ll have you up and running in no time.

Integration of Renewables to the Grid

Grid connected renewables provide a seamless service where excess generated electricity is metered and exported back into the national grid for an agreed price.

Integration of Renewables Behind the Meter

Renewable energy is generated and used on site, this method reduces the amount of energy bought in from the grid and results in a lower metered import and improved cost efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Reduce the energy demand to save money. This can be done by improving functionality to reduce wasted heat and monitoring your energy demand to understand exactly where it is spent.

Energy Management

We offer targeted energy strategy and management unique to your business. This can be an ongoing service, or a one off. We can also offer and install energy management software (with training) to help you bring this service in house.

Energy Storage

In some cases, it works well to generate more than you need and store it for use at peak times. Storing electricity or heat can protect you from paying peak rates during times of high demand.

Heat Load Assessment

Many businesses have a high heat load. We offer an assessment of heating requirement so we can model exactly what your business needs now, and in the future.

Cross Vector Systems

Cross vector energy systems look at a combination of technologies to match the needs of your business.


We are actively involved in getting hydrogen projects off the ground! Contact us for more information.

Sustainable Architecture

We work with a number of architects to deliver services in energy modelling, building design, and passive house standards.

Electrification of Transport

Electric vehicles (EVs) are an important step to reducing road transport emissions. How much will it cost to invest, and what savings can you expect to see on fuel costs?

Hydrogen Fuelled Transport

Planet A is actively involved in development of hydrogen for transport! Get in touch to know more.